Backyard Tales

Join the animals in Robyn's Backyard

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Little books for little hands

Book size 12 cm x 15 cm - paperback books; suitable for children 2 - 7 yrs of age.

Zipper's Easter Encounter

Join Zipper, the rabbit in her frantic search for Easter Eggs. Meet Foxy, the wallaby, the Hen, Leonard the blue tongue lizard and Scar the Rooster.

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John Berry

Discover the problem John Berry has when he plans a supper for his friends and it all goes terribly wrong. 

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Large books

Book size 26 x 21 cm - paper back picture books 
Full size beautifully illustrated watercolor drawings 
all encompass rhythm, rhyme and repetition suitable for children between 2 and 7 yrs of age.

Bella Blue Heeler's Wacky Dream

This is the story of Bella the Blue Heeler, who ate 13 bananas and had the wackiest dream .... 

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Published by Brolly Books

Backyard in pictures

Robyn is passionate about bringing her backyard into the lives of children who may not have access to a unique environment such as hers. 
Robyn is very aware that there are children that will never experience the lifestyle of rural Australia - children who live in units and apartments may have little more than a flower pot to break the concrete landscape. 
Robyn is passionate about sharing her stories of exciting characters in beautiful environments.

John Berry

Bella Blue Heeler

The Cats

The creatures


The creatures

The cats

The creatures