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Backyard Tales
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About Robyn Goodwin

Robyn Goodwin is an Australian author and illustrator. Robyn spent many years of her younger life living on farms in the Oberon and Tumbarumba districts. For the past 23 years she has lived with her family in the heritage listed town of Braidwood New South Wales.

As a young girl, Robyn had unrestricted advantage to wildlife, farm animals, domestic pets and the natural environment. At an early age Robyn's imagination always tendered towards animals with human mannerisms. Toys were never just something to play with ... they simply became part of her imaginary world. All toys were fully dressed for the day and had well appointed places on her bed at night. Having a vivid imagination was a benefit when living on a working farm, as it often provided that escape needed from the realities of hard work. Sketching dead insects and copying from nature books was part of life. At 12 years of age Robyn left for boarding school, ever eager to return to the farm at the end of each school term.

In 1979 Robyn graduated year 12 and acquired certificates in both nursing and secretarial skills. Drawing remained a distant passion for many years. The efforts of raising a family and working were her main focus. The family backyard menagerie grew over these years. Many bed time stories revolved around the backyard animals.

In 2011 Robyn wrote and illustrated a small story entitled 'Zipper's Easter Encounter'. On a friends suggestion, she self published her book with wonderful response from her local area. This success encouraged her to continue writing and illustrating.

Robyn now has nine books in her 'Backyard Tales' series. She presents her books to schools and libraries. Her visits provide a platform to help educate children about protecting our environment and animals.