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Backyard Tales
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Robyn looks at her subjects in two different ways:

  • Firstly, she observes the characters in their natural environments, paying particular attention to movement and colour.
  • Secondly she looks at how best to present the character.

Presenting the animals in clothing and human settings helps the pathways for imaginative story-telling and interesting illustrations. Her illustrations are done in watercolour, pen and pencil. Some of her illustrations encompass pressed flowers ... and the odd poor insect that may accidently get in the way whilst pressing is in progress!

Ultimately Robyn would like to bring her backyard into the lives of children that don't have the exposure and the fortune to live in a rural setting. Many children will never have the opportunity to experience a real backyard. Robyn wants them to visit through her stories and illustrations and experience a backyard full of interesting animals, plants and settings... a place where their imaginations can wonder indefinitely.

The Books

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