Backyard Tales

Visit the Backyard

You are invited to explore the backyard where these wonderful animals live. 

The vegetable garden doubles as a home for more senior chickens. The most handsome Dabble Duck takes charge of the backyard.

Leonard, the Lizard 
Sneaky little reptile who steals the chickens' eggs. He eats so many that he is nearly too fat to walk.

John Berry
The "blind old fellow of the backyard" at the end of the day needs the chickens to guide him back to the coop. It is a ritual which is fascinating to watch.

Miss Black, the River Cat 
She visits the backyard every day.
She has a very big appetite!

Albert the Fox 
He is seen on a regular basis in the school agricultural plot. You just never know what he is up to ... you can't trust him, truly!

The Frog 
He lives with many of his kind in the vegetable garden but can see him mainly in the night. He is always helpful, polite and very green!

Gordon the Tabby 
Gordon is the senior member of the backyard. He is a little deaf, and a bit skinny these days but still manages to be the boss of all the cats.

The Old Barn

The Old Barn is  home to

  • possums,
  • the cats,
  • the rats and
  • Leonard the Blue Tongue Lizard.

Built in the 1840s, it has remained a beautiful strong building that protects many of the backyard animals.

The Creek

It is less than 30 metres from the house. 

It is abundant with platypus, water rats, fish, snakes, eels, tadpoles and many water birds. Miss Black still prefers to live on the creek and Frog visits nightly. You can often hear Frog and his fellow frogs singing in a chorus, especially on a full moon light.